"Berg Steel Corporation is committed to providing quality products and dedicate services to meet its customers' needs."

Through the implementation of Berg's quality assurance procedures, customers are assured of receiving a quality product in a timely manner with zero defects.

Berg's committment to putting out quality product is reflected in their no-holds-bar investments in the latest precision equipment no matter the cost. Investments in such equipment as Berg's precision slitting machinery, which allows Berg technicians accurate control of surface, gauge and width, results in defect free product.

Consistency in quality can only be achieved by regular follow-up and oversight of quality procedures and product output

Berg Steel maintains this consistent dedication to quality by holding regular quality control meetings in which quality policies are communicated to all levels of the company. During these meetings employees are encouraged to provide their input which opens the line of communication between management and staff. This process results in employees' high level of commitment to quality control.

Quality control is a never ending process and Berg Steel is dedicated to continually improve its processes and adhere to the requirements of TS 16949